On Demand Profits - Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will help you get started with the affiliate marketing method described in On Demand Profits. You can promote any website that runs the '$7 script' using this method - see page 5 of On Demand Profits for how to find them. With these products you generally get 100% commission to your PayPal account - that is, you are paid the full price, whatever it is, and the site owner makes money by selling other things to the buyers later.

I went to 7dollaroffers.com and found a product called Crush Your Job

Whenever somebody buys Crush Your Job through your link you get $5.

We will use this as the example for this site but please be aware that we do not own or control this product and it may change its affiliate program at any time. So do check it as shown below and if you do not see your PayPal email in step 4, choose a different product from 7dollaroffers.com.

1. Please read pages 3-4 of the On Demand Profits report so that you have an idea of what you will be doing. (We advise you read the whole report, but this is the minimum right now.)

2. Create your affiliate link by substituting your PayPal email where indicated in the link below.
Do NOT remove the = sign.


3. Go to www.tinyurl.com and enter your affililate link to get a shortened link for it. You will see this is very simple on their site and easier than UrlFreeze which has gotten more complicated since Alok wrote the report.

4. Take your shortened link and put it in your browser address bar where you would type the URL of a site that you wanted to visit. (Do not put it in the Search box.)
Hit the enter key and you should see the Crush Your Job site come up.
Click on the Add To Cart button at the foot of the page.
This should take you through to PayPal.
When you reach PayPal you might see your PayPal email in the top left briefly before the logo kicks in. Lower on the page it should say "PayPal securely processes payments for" followed by your email. Check that your PayPal email is correct here.

If you have trouble with this step, e.g. you do not see your own PayPal email, then either there is a mistake in the affiliate link that you created (check step 2), or you copied your shortened URL incorrectly (check them both carefully including any capital letters), or the product has changed its affiliate program and you need to find another product.

5. Now find a forum. There is a list at:
It's a little out of date but some are still good. Or try searching for "make money forum", "paid to click forum" and similar phrases in Google.

6. Look to see if the forum has plenty of recent posts. Check that people are using signatures (text that appears at the foot of every post they make, often below a line) and that these include links.

If you are not sure what a signature is, visit this forum thread:
At the time of writing, the first person's signature says:
"Advertise here - PM me • Report a web site problem • Alternative Software"
It contains two links. But it could change any time if he decides to alter his signature. So don't worry if that's not the text that you see.

Note: Digital Point is a great forum but at the time of writing you must make 10 posts and wait 7 days after joining before your signature becomes active. If you join today, you can use it next week.

7. Read the rules of the forum. These are normally posted as the first thread in the forum. If the rules do not allow affiliate links in signatures, find another forum.

8. Register, check your email to activate your account, then log in to the forum.

9. Find the place where you set your signature. In most forums this is called Profile, in others it is User CP, either way it is normally a tab at the top of the page. Then you will see a section Signature or Edit Signature.

This is the code for an example signature:

[url="http://tinyurl.com/YourLink"][size="14"]Crush Your Day Job Now![/size][/url]

Put your own shortened link in there of course, and change the wording to something original. There are a few forums where it does not work with the quote marks and you have to take them out. See page 16 of On Demand Profits for more information about code for signatures.

10. Now go make a very simple post (e.g. a quick reply to something someone has written in the forum), enter it, view it and you should see the words Crush Your Day Job Now! (or whatever you used) below your post. If you click on those words you should reach the Crush Your Job site and once there, if you click on the purchase button you should be taken through to PayPal and should see your PayPal email again.

Your post itself should NOT promote Crush Your Job in any way and should not advertise anything else either - otherwise it will be deleted and you may be banned from the forum.

11. Now read pages 18-20 in the report about what kind of posts to make, and how to come across as a person that people will buy from.

12. Make more posts and join more forums.

Note that any time you change your signature it will change in all the posts that you ever made on that forum. You don't have to go back and edit individual posts.

When you have gotten this far you should be starting to make some money. You can pick out other products if you want and of course read the whole of On Demand Profits now.